JULY 7 • 7:30pm

PROMETHIUM is a highly unstable element - atomic number 61 - whose isotopes are all radioactive. This equally volatile all-star quartet explores collisions of 4 genres of music -- jazz, latin, funk & hip-hop, under the direction of award-winning trumpet player Brownman Ali. 
:: BROWNMAN ALI - electric trumpet (Jay-z, Missy Elliot, Paul Simon)
:: NICK MACLEAN - keyboards (Snaggle, Brownman Akoustic Quartet, Ori Dagan)
:: SEAN DENNIS - 6-string electric bass (Brownman Electryc Trio, Gridlock)
:: JACOB AYLWARD - drums (KC Roberts, Gridlock)
PROMETHIUM features internationally acclaimed Trinidadian born, Brooklyn, NY schooled jazz trumpet iconoclast BROWNMAN ALI.  Heralded as "Canada's pre-eminent jazz trumpet player" by the New York Village Voice, he is a 2X National Jazz Award winner, has been a touring trumpet player for hip-hop superstars Jay-zMissy Elliot & Guru's Jazzmatazz, the CEO of Browntasauras Records and Promethium's producer.  A true jazz trumpet original, Brownman is widely considered a vanguard for the evolution of jazz in Canada.  The keyboard chair is held down by 26-year old NICK MACLEAN, called "a fast rising star in Toronto's jazz piano community" by the Toronto Star and has won 3 Global Music Awards and a Toronto Independent Music Award.  Maclean has been a protege to Brownman's Brooklyn style and energized approach for the last 2 years, citing Brown as one of his biggest musical influences.  Watching the 2 of them together, their synergistic bond is clear and shows up in everything they do.  Bass duties in Promethium are brilliantly covered by 24-year old SEAN DENNIS, the new bassist for the Brownman Electryc Trio, revered as one of the most gifted young electric bassists in Canada today.  On drums is the dazzling virtuoso JACOB AYLWARD, who has been the backbone of KC Roberts & The Live Revolution for the last 3 years, also playing with Sean in the electro-funk band Gridlock.  Sean and Jacob are two of the most in-demand bass and drum combinations in Toronto right now, anchoring Promethium with panache.

These 4 musicians are all celebrated artists in Canada on their respective instruments making PROMETHIUM truly an all-star collective exploring the outer limits of where jazz could be pushed.  Exploratory & searching, PROMETHIUM shouldn't be missed.

If you enjoyed Mr. Maclean and Brownman a few months ago when they were here with the NICK MACLEAN QUARTET, you won't want to miss this other side of Nick and Brownman's brilliance.  Guaranteed to engage your ears and intellect.

** Those who purchased tickets to the SNAGGLE show that was canceled due to weather back on Sat-Apr-14 are welcome to redeem those tickets for this Promethium show or hold onto them, as SNAGGLE will be returning to The Loft while on tour on Wed-Oct-03.

Tickets are $25 + service fee and HST for adults, $15 + service fee and HST for students. Performance at the Loft. Call 905 372-2210 or 1-855-372-2210 for more information.


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